About the project

The Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership project involves 6 European countries: Germany, Portugal, Macedonia, Italy, Lithuania and Latvia, joining all together to create a “European Module for Integration Courses” (EMIC).

EMIC focuses on creating educational contents and information on the European Union as addition to the national integration courses for refugees and migrants in different European countries. The aim is to create a European identity and knowledge among all citizens.


  • Curriculum and training materials for the European integration module.
  • ToT Course will be adapted to the developed course module and include different methodologies and didactical approaches.
  • Development of an e-learning platform which serves as an exchange and communication platform for different relevant actors.
  • A Policy Paper will examine the experience of the project partners in six different Member States and make a recommendation for policy change on the basis of that experience.


The main target groups of the project are:
associations, organizations and public institutions that support the integration of refugees or offer integration courses.

The indirect target groups are:
migrants and refugees who participate in the integration courses,
which offer after project end also the additional European module.